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As a Promotion Editor, I'd like to hide inactive/expired promos in Discount Priorities and Exclusions

Ideally, it would just hide by default all expired promos. It's basically unmanageable for us in there (lots of time outs and TONS of scrolling) because it includes over 3 years of promos.
18 days ago in B2C Commerce / Promotions 1

Filtering and organizing promotions in the UI

Make it possible to hide inactive promotions from the view (hide/how toggle)Make it possible to hide expired promotions from the view (hide/show toggle)Make it possible to filter the priorities view by market (some customers have different brands ...
7 months ago in B2C Commerce / Promotions 1 Planned

Ability to Create bulk promo codes

We'd like a way to create promo codes in bulk - such as the same code but with different variations such as:DED1234DED2345etc so that the last digits are randomized and able to provide a unique code list to our team. We currently do this by making...
3 months ago in B2C Commerce / Promotions 0 Planned

Promotion Engine: allow to limit promo code usage by email address, even if not a registered user

As a Promotion Manager, I want to be able to limit the use of a promo code by email address even if they don't have a registered account.
3 months ago in B2C Commerce / Promotions 0

Algorithmic pricing

Change price on ietms within pre set paramenters (ex: Min / max) dynamically according to real time conditions ex: Low inventory, Sales within the last 24hoursChange price for items according to external , competitor inputEx: When price changes on...
3 months ago in B2C Commerce / Catalogs / Promotions 0

Container for (Multi language / Market promotions

If a given promotion (ex: 5% off widgets) is active for multiple languages the user has to create a copy for each language. Ending up with multiple promotions that are really copies of each other - but not linked so hard to maintainIt would be goo...
over 1 year ago in B2C Commerce / Promotions 0

As a Promotion Editor, I'd like to be able to say this whole campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns

Rather than select each promotion individually, I'd like the option to prevent anyone who is using a certain campaign from combining with ANY other existing promo.
18 days ago in B2C Commerce / Promotions 0