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Search results from imagepicker popup in the CMS contains files

Hi,I recently added this question to the Episerver World forum:https://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/CMS/Thread-Container/2021/6/searching-in-imagepicker-contentref--property-with-uihint-image-also-displays-generic-files/When a Content...
about 1 month ago in Content Cloud / Technical 0

Episerver Google Analytics - Batch Requests

We have been working through a Google Analytics issue with Episerver (This is Issue #614744). Our problem is that the Google Analytics Widget does not return any data when we have a large number of hostnames configured for the system. These hostna...
about 2 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 0 Investigating

Hide broken links on expired content from Link Status report

Currently, the Link Status report shows broken links that are present on expired pages. I would prefer it if broken links on expired content could be excluded from the report.This could be configurable.
8 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 0

Support the Microsoft Edge browser

Official support for the Edge browser.https://world.episerver.com/documentation/system-requirements/
about 1 month ago in Content Cloud / Technical / Editing 0

Add option to conditionally forward forms

Working with EPI forms works fine and they are very flexible to set up. One of the thinsg I am missing is an option to send a form based on a certain condition/selection in the form. For example "If #country = "US", "info@whatever.com", "us@whatev...
about 2 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 0

Add an option to DXC for a NodeJS server in addition to an Episerver instance

I want to have a NodeJS server running on Azure, alongside my Episerver instance.To start, this would be a simple, naked NodeJS instance. I could do whatever I like with this. It would be deployable apart from the Episerver instance -- I could pus...
10 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical / APIs 1 Investigating

Support SVG

Support SVG's. E.g. https://world.episerver.com/blogs/Ben-McKernan/Dates/2015/7/supporting-svg-images/
9 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 1

WebP/AVIF image transcoding in Episerver

With WebP being an established image format, and AVIF as a very promising newcomer, I would like to see Episerver performing image transcoding out-of-the-box.I know there are 3rd party libraries, like ImageProcessor and ImageResizer, doing it real...
9 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 2

CTA button not rendering simple address links

CTA button is not displaying “Simple address” of the page, instead its showing “Name in Url”.
5 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 0

Mixed User Authentication

As a website owner I want to allow for AD access for internal users and direct access for external users So that I can better manage resourcing requirements for development, content population and control. The outcome is the ability to assign di...
12 months ago in Content Cloud / Technical 0