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Custom components search in the CMS

Search (EPI FIND) does not seem to be working when we try to search the contents in the asset pane. See attached screenshots. Can we have the option to add custom components search in the CMS, please?
12 days ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

Copy Existing Widgets

It would be very helpful to have the ability to copy a widget that has already been created. For example, if I were to add a Spacer widget to a page and format it to 75px. I'd love the ability to right click and copy/duplicate that widget to re-us...
26 days ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

Audit Content

As a group of content management users we have a number of needs to audit our content including the abilities to:Assign review groups of users to pagesAssign a review date and frequency of review Email alertsReminder emailsReport of overdue to an ...
12 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

Set Visitor Group by Subsite

Admins shoudl have the ability to filter or set specific Visitor Groups to be availabe in admin based on subsite. Having all VG available to all users for all subsites does not allow smaller groups to access a subset for ease of use and optimization.
7 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

Edit/hide Epi default help text

In the Page information area in Epi UI/EditorGUI (in the grey area at the top of any page template), you find information about the current page, including help text for the attributes. The helptext for 'Display in navigation' says, e.g.: 'Select ...
7 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 1

As an editor, it would be very usefull not having to open the whole content management structure when switching from block to media

When working in the CMS and shifting between blocks or media. Episerver throughs you back to start if you choose between media og blocks in the content management structure. This does not make sense. One should be able to switch between blocks or ...
9 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

As an editor, I'd like to see where my content blocks are used in the Catalog.

Currently, if we author a block within the catalog but then go to make edits to that block we often see "this block isn't used anywhere" but that is false. It would be helpful to know all the placements within the catalog.
11 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

Set Language by Subsite

Ability to set language to the subsite level - so that when editing a subsite, admins only have access to specific languages vs all languages
7 months ago in Content Cloud / Multi-site / Content Manager 0 Investigating

Ability to Search within Blocks

As an Editor, I'd like to be able to Search within my blocks if I know the Blocks name. Currently, at least in our setup, this provides no results.
11 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0

Include 3rd party VisualCompareMode add-on in core Episerver package

HiOur client is reluctant to have 3rd party add-ons installed in their Episerver instance, but really likes the look of the VisualCompareMode add-on. Are there any plans to include the VisualCompareMode add-on in the core Episerver functionality?h...
3 months ago in Content Cloud / Content Manager 0