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Email Personalization

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Introduce strategies suitable for UWG7 campaigns (DACH)

In Germany (as well as AT) there's a law that allows email marketing to recent customers, but only with very strictly defined restrictions (UWG ยง7 Abs. 3).For a lot of email marketeers these customers make up the biggest part of their audience and...
4 months ago in Product Recommendations / Email Personalization 5 Investigating

Easier testing of new trigger campaigns with test users

Problem:When testing new trigger campaigns, the weekly and daily limits also apply to my test users and often block my tested triggers. To find out if the trigger was setup correctly and the email was blocked due to limits, a support ticket must b...
4 months ago in Product Recommendations / Email Personalization 0 Investigating

Allow experimentation for email trigger campaigns

As a marketer I want to test different triggers and different prioritization against each other and get reports about scenario A and B.For this I'd like to set up an independet set of triggers (set B) with prioritisations and select a %, a set of ...