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Roles and Security

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Add CMS login auditing

Add historical logging of CMS user logins, including IP address and date and time.This will allow admins to view and track information about possible login hacking attempts and to mitigate these issues.
6 months ago in Content Cloud / Roles and Security 0

More Granular Access Rights Assignment

Local editors should be able to edit some pages and without direct root (admin) access. Access rights need to dictate the following for a role which languages and site areas the role has access to and what editing rights.
7 months ago in Content Cloud / Roles and Security 1 Investigating

Audit change for the "Visible to" Permissions

Currently, it's not possible to know who is changing permissions to the "Visible to" It's standard to be able to monitor changes made to areas that handle permissions. Could you please add this to the change log?
7 months ago in Content Cloud / Roles and Security 1