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Marketing & Promotions

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Buy Multiple Items w/ Price Break

Currently, the price matrix allows us to set bulk pricing per one item, in different quantities. We have an ask to set bulk pricing when it comes to apparel and the different sizes. Example: We have a polo ranging from S-2XL. If a customer buys 10...

product media

The image area on the product detail page should support multi-media content such as videos and 360 images.

Allow videos to be uploaded as an "image type" to view in the featured photos section of the product detail pages

Instead of showing videos at bottom of PDP page in the tabs, allow videos to be included in the image area at top of page.

Export Promotion Rules & Results

We have been setting up promotions in Sandbox first to ensure they work and then duplicating them in Production. Insite has an export function for Promotions, but it doesn't export the rules & results section; therefore, I have to repeat all o...

Search - Boost/Bury products for a specific TERM

Today boosting/burying is sitewide and can have unintended consequences Instead being able to boost/bury items within search results would be more effective..

Add Availability as a Sort By Option

It would be nice to allow customers to sort by availability, whether it is via the "Sort By" dropdown or a left nav facet. A left nav facet would be ideal as the customer could then type in their zip code and see availability for their specific br...

Ability to know if emails are really delivered to customers

The current ability to check admin console - Marketing - Email logs only show emails that are not SENT OUT. However, if an email is not correct, it still shows sent out, but not actually DELIVERED. We should have the visibility to see which email...

Sitemap enhancements

Please add the ability to do the following with sitemaps: 1) Add pages beyond existing brands, PDP's, and CMS pages to the sitemap. 2) Add the ability to adjust the priority and frequency values for given pages -- maybe even as page properties....

Search should be adjusted based on users history

Search results should take into account user specific information like Has this user ever purchased this item before Did the user recently look at this item online Is this item on a list the user has access to Has anyone else at the same company ...
9 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Marketing & Promotions 0 Planned

search by customer part number within list

you can search by customer part number at the main search level but not within a list. Customers with long lists have requested this enhancement.