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Change Currency and Language to be session based

Currently the currency and language are stored in cookies and don't expire for 30 days. This causes problems for sites that default to the US/USD but allow users to login and require the currency/language to automatically switch. We are able ...
about 8 hours ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Add visual feedback when session has timed out for a user

Whenever a user session is timed out (past the "Site Timeout Minutes" setting), there is no indication that you need to log back in until you start navigating again and then realize that you no longer have access to any secured functionnality.Woul...
2 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1 Investigating

Allow for more than one sales rep assigned to a customer

In our business, we may have more than one sales rep call on some customers for various reasons. We would like to request the ability for a customer to have more than one sales rep assigned so that either would have access to the customer when lo...
12 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

New Epi Admin Console Redesign Needs color shift

Also posted on the b2bcommerce submit an enhancement board, not sure which one we are supposed to put suggestions on now, was given this link by the support team. The new epi admin console redesign in the latest update needs a serious redesign - i...
3 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1

Guest checkout needs to have the shipping address editable

We have a client working with guest checkout and among others the shipping address is not editable by default as it always assumes it the same as billing address. It would make sense to have the customer edit the shipping address as it is not guar...
3 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1 Planned

Notification and Line Item Comments - Requisitioner

Currently, when Requisitioner enters a line item comment, Approver is not able to see the line item comments entered by the Requisitioner under the Requisitions option. We believe it would be useful to preserve the comments entered by Requisition...
3 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Searching for specific attributes when attaching to a product manually is extremely difficult due to inaccurate search

Just copying my support ticket text so very informal below:In the admin console when you manually attach an attribute:Example: (searching for a value of "8" under Attribute Type "Length" click assign attribute values A window appears that has Attr...
3 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0