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B2B Mobile App

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MobileApp: Backorder messaging in the cart

In the MobileApp, we would like to add messages in the cart similar to the 2 messages displayed on the image below. Right now, on the desktop version, those messages are customization made on the cart page to notify the user that some items are on...
4 months ago in B2B Mobile App 0 Planned

Mobile App should pair with BlueTooth scan gun

Our customers use bluetooth scan guns in their warehouse with iPhones or iPad Minis. If we were able to pair the bluetooth scan gun to the Insite Mobile app. These customer might start using the the mobile app instead of their current ordering s...
4 months ago in B2B Mobile App 1

More Brand Presence throughout the App

Would be nice to see more options, especially in the header, to add logos and other brand elements throughout the app.
about 1 month ago in B2B Mobile App 0

MobileApp: Add List Price label and Sign In Button

In the Product Detail Page in the Mobile App, when the user is not logged in, we would like to add a button and a label. Right now, with customization, on the desktop version and as shown in the image below, there is a button asking the user to si...
4 months ago in B2B Mobile App 0 Planned

Mobile should allow for segement specific content like the website

I want to have different banners for different user segments. But mobile currently only allows the same content for all mobile customers.
4 months ago in B2B Mobile App 0 Planned

Linking Pages Within the Mobile App

In the Mobile App CMS, you can add a link to a Carousel Slide. However, you can only link the slide to an external website. You cannot link the slide to a page within the Mobile App. For example, a Mobile App Carousel Slide that promotes a specifi...
4 months ago in B2B Mobile App 0 Investigating

Error Messaging in Mobile App Checkout

The mobile app is missing field level error messaging during mobile. I.E. Phone number, email (added in this latest release - currently beta), zip code, etc.
4 months ago in B2B Mobile App 0 Investigating