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B2B Commerce Cloud

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Increase the max clause count at Elastic service side

Hi Team,We are working on cloud B2B Commerece Project.When we are passing more than 1000 ProductIds/ERPNumbers as parameter for getting ProductCollection, then we are getting error response with OOB code.We have analyzed issue and found below solu...
3 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Technical 0

Expand limit of product count returned beyond 1024

We have a feature on our site where we let customers download the product listing based on their filters. We've run into a limitation that cuts off the products returned to 1024 even if more products are available with the given filters. It looks ...
2 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Technical 0

Add Support for Moneris Stored Payment Profiles

Moneris supports storing credit cards in a vault-like manner, similar to CenPOS. The B2B integration connector for Moneris doesn't include this behavior. Could we add that support to the Moneris B2B integration?
3 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Google is currently running Universal Analytics and GA4 at the same time, but there is a push from Google to set-up new sites on GA4, and there is no guarantee the Universal Analytics will be available once the official switch to GA4 happens. Wou...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Buy Multiple Items w/ Price Break

Currently, the price matrix allows us to set bulk pricing per one item, in different quantities. We have an ask to set bulk pricing when it comes to apparel and the different sizes. Example: We have a polo ranging from S-2XL. If a customer buys 10...

Url segment of a child product(variant) should be accessible

Its more seo friendly to access the child of a product via the url segment instead of using option parameter.Please see screen cast attached of a test done on https://absolunet.commerce.insitesandbox.com/Product/fr2-variant-2-AAA-20V-10A
4 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / B2B Commerce CMS 0

As a developper I want to have the possiblity to customize the Google Maps API URL

Actually we are not able to use Google Place in the B2B Commerce Cloud website because the library is not loaded in the Google Maps API reference. It could be usefull to customize the URL in the System Settings like the Google Geocoder API URL one...
about 2 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 1

Spire ContactUs API customization

We are trying to customize the ContactUs form on Spire, and it seems that this Spire feature has been released quickly since there's no way to customize the API easily on the backend. We want to add new fields on the form and post them on the exi...
5 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Technical 0 Investigating

Improve Avalara Integration to account for tax differences between the bill-to and ship-to customer numbers

We are running into issues with tax calculations on the website because only the customer bill-to number is sent to Avalara to check tax information. We have tax differences/exemptions based on the ship-to locations, not only at the bill-to level...
9 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 1

Add visual feedback when session has timed out for a user

Whenever a user session is timed out (past the "Site Timeout Minutes" setting), there is no indication that you need to log back in until you start navigating again and then realize that you no longer have access to any secured functionnality.Woul...
8 months ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 3 Investigating