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Smooth Deploy for Commerce

As a developer I want the ability to use the Smooth Deploy capability while deploying updates to my Commerce applications. I want the customer experience to remain open with the ability for customers to transact while my deployment is processing, ...
3 months ago in Commerce Cloud / Technical 1

Market Filter should also be added to NodeContent

EntryContentBase has a MarketFilter property to control which markets the entry should be show on (provided the developers read and act on it).I would like to see the same property and logic on the NodeContent type. In some scenarios we would like...
10 days ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 0

Deleting Commerce Catalog items warning does not tell you if what you are deleting is referenced anywhere

When you delete a Page or Block in the CMS, a dialog box is shown that informs the user everywhere the items being deleted are referenced.In Commerce Catalog, if you attempt to delete an item you only receive the warning below. It does not inform ...
3 months ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 0

Make prices readonly for one catalog and editable for others

I would like to have the option to make prices readonly for specific catalogs and leave them editable for others. Currently, we can implement IPriceDetailService but this will affect all of the catalogs. Would be also great if we can set different...
9 months ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 1

Ability to disable actions

In some projects, the Customer Service do not have to use some features. For example, in our case, we do not use the Subscription feature. However, it is easy to click on the Convert to Subscription by mistake, creating a Subscription inadvertentl...
8 months ago in Commerce Cloud / Customer Services 0

Dynamic Packages

Use Case:As a consumer, I want to be able to buy a collection of products as a package but have the ability to choose variants of each product, so that I can configure the items that make up that package, so that I can quickly configure the packag...
about 2 years ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 5 Planned

Filtering and organizing promotions in the UI

Make it possible to hide inactive promotions from the view (hide/how toggle)Make it possible to hide expired promotions from the view (hide/show toggle)Make it possible to filter the priorities view by market (some customers have different brands ...
about 1 year ago in Commerce Cloud / Promotions 1 Planned

Configurable columns in Catalog UI

As a merchandiser I want to configure columns in the Catalog UI, to add or hide columns based on my specific needs.
over 1 year ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 0 Planned

Add page to commerce content area

There is no way to add cms page to commerce content area without installing an addon. This should be available as part of the product,.
about 2 months ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 0

Ability to un-publish a product in Commerce so it can be re-scheduled (or schedule removing from expired)

As a product manager and content editor I want the ability to un-publish a product that has been previously published, and/or to be able to schedule removing it from expired. This would allow my team to be able to scheduling publishing even if the...
8 months ago in Commerce Cloud / Catalogs 0