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DXP Cloud Services

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Paas Portal Microsoft Teams Deployments Cards

EPI Team,We would like to receive Microsoft Teams deployments cards from the Paas Portal. This is a valuable information for the teams in the field during a release cycle. At date only the person who trigger the deployment receive an email.1 - Exp...
4 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 7 Investigating

Support for Let's Encrypt certificates with automatic renewal

Let's encrypt is becoming the industry standard for certificates. It's free, secure and more and more customers are using it.I know this isn't supported out of the box in Azure, but shouldn't a hosting service like DXP support this?
7 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 5

Sharing dashboards in Application Insights

We see the need of sharing a customized dashboard in Application Insights.We can create and clone dashboards, but not sharing the ones we have created.
3 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Identities and accounts 1 Investigating

Clearing a single URL from the CDN cache

We would like the ability to clear a single URL in the CDN cache. When images and documents are replaced in globalassets it takes up to 12 hours until the correct file is available. While a work around of clearing all the cache is available, tha...
7 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 3 Planned

Clear CDN Cache Added To API / Powershell

Common deployment pattern within the DXP when using Azure Devops or another CI/CD system.Deploy packageClear CDN in Pass PortalIdeally having to manually login to do this step shouldn't be required.Can we get the CDN clearing added to https://worl...
8 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 2 Planned

The On Page Editing do not work in Chrome running ChromeOS (latest version)

Our webmasters are issued Chromebooks to connect to various school services. They also use this to create content in our EpiServer website running in DXC. The On Page Editing do not work in Chrome browser. This is a feature that makes Episerver at...

Support for Azure Keyvault and/or Azure App Configuration

As it is generally frowned upon to store credentials and keys in checked-in code such as web.config and config transforms - it's essential for a smooth path for episerver DXP to support either using Azure Key vault or Azure App Configuration, so c...
8 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 1

Automatic purging of CloudFlare CDN Cache when content are deleted in Episerver

In Episerver DXP we get a CDN from CloudFlare. Great!If an editor deletes a media file in edit mode, the file can still be cached for hours in the CDN. This could be bad if the content really NEEDS to be removed right away, and the editor is not a...
6 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 0

Make it harder to accidentally restart Production

I regularly use PaaS Portal for routine tasks in the Production environment, including DB exports, CDN cache flushes, and application log monitoring.When I click on the Troubleshoot tab, then the first item that appears is the "Restart Site" secti...
2 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 1

Azure Queue / Service Bus for Message Handling

CDN logs are exposed to us via SAS URI with read Permissions. However if Episerver could consider exposing the Azure Queue / Service Bus that will be a complete solution that helps us consume the logs from Queue., instead of designing a solution f...
5 months ago in DXP Cloud Services / Telemetry 1