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Experiment Access control within project

Customers have asked for a way to filter and control access to experiments within a project. For a lot of reasons (custom wrappers, Project-level JS, shared pages, audiences, events, etc..) customers have implemented mega-projects setup within the...
2 months ago in Experimentation Web / Test Authoring / Security 0

Mobile friendly UI

As a mobile user, ability to view which experiments are live or stopped to better manage my experimentation program. User should also have the capability to stop, pause and archive experiments from the mobile UI.
3 months ago in Experimentation Web / QA 0

Improve visual editor's interactive mode

Ability to toggle through multiple ways (tabs) to manipulate the page while viewing it without a refresh.Ability to make changes to the custom CSS and Javascript without triggering a refresh of the visual editor iframe because when the page refres...
3 months ago in Experimentation Web / Test Authoring 0

AP request I for Program Management

Customer feedback: Regarding the usage of program management, it is tabled at this point. Without an API or a way to export data, Optimizely's program management is too rudimentary and doesn't scale with our needs.
27 days ago in Experimentation Web / Other / Integrations 0

Add Quantum Metric Integration to the Integrations UI and Developer Documentation

Quantum Metric's team has requested that their integration be added to the Integrations tab in Web, as well as to the Developer Documentation. This is a long-standing request from their team and they feel that they qualify according to Optimizely'...
about 1 month ago in Experimentation Web / Integrations 0

Customers have asked we allow them to see how many times audiences and metrics are used across experiments

Since we now can show customers how many times pages are being used across experiments I have had some customers share feedback that they would like this feature to be scaled out to audiences and metrics. They also mentioned it would be helpful to...
about 1 month ago in Experimentation Web / Other 0

Use an ODP Segment as an audience condition

The ability to use an Optimizely Data Platform segment as an audience condition.
3 months ago in Experimentation Web / Targeting 0

Duplicate pages

The ability to duplicate pages for easy test authoring.
3 months ago in Experimentation Web / Test Authoring 0

Revert to an older version saved in the Change History

Users should be able to revert a project back to an older version that is viewable in the Change History section of a project.
4 months ago in Experimentation Web / Other 0

Notifications when an experiment an activity threshold

Users should be able to configure a threshold for each experiment based on activity (such as active users or impressions) and receive an alert when this is threshold is hit.
4 months ago in Experimentation Web / Other 0