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Public API for accessing automatically created related queries

As a developer I would like a way to retrieve and potentially delete or modify the automatically created related queries(a feature of search and navigation). In some cases the "Did you Mean" feature will give bad results, so companies need a way t...
8 months ago in Search & Navigation 1

Trackable and filterable change log in Search & Navigation interface (similar to change log for content, projects, messages and content approvals in admin tools)

As an EPiServer Partner and CmsAdmin in customers system I want to be able see changes in Search & Navigation configuration, like best bets, related searches, synonyms, weights etc. so we can pin-point problems encountered and see if the custo...
about 2 months ago in Search & Navigation 0

Add more languagues to Find

I would like to add more languagues to Find as belowLithuania ltEstonia et
21 days ago in Search & Navigation 0

Epi Find Interface

- Interface is too basic e.g. for the charts, we have mouse over every peak just to see each statistic.- Seems to be lacking insightful data. Would like access to download the raw data so we can massage it for a more meaningful analysis.
7 months ago in Search & Navigation 1

Find UI only shows 100 pagestypes, blocks and languages, this is limiting for large sites

Please enhance the UI so it can show more than 100 of each type
about 1 month ago in Search & Navigation 0

Delete selected items in Search & Navigation (Find) using Episerver UI

As a webmaster/developer I would like to delete items in Search & Navigation (Find) index.Reason:It happens that a document does not get deleted ind the search index, when deleted in Episerver. These items can show up in a search and result i...
6 months ago in Search & Navigation 1

Show asset when searching in tree

I think it would be very useful that when searching using an asset number if there was an option you could click to show where the asset sits in the tree structure of the site.
2 months ago in Search & Navigation 0

IBestBetRepository cache fails when there is a large number of best bets

I am working on a solution with a large number of Best Bets. Over 800 in fact. It appears that, somewhere along the line, we passed a threshold in which IBestBetRepository stops using caching. That is, either best bets fail to be inserted into ca...
4 months ago in Search & Navigation 0

Statistics API for Find

Statistics, for example, most frequent searched keywords should be exposed via an easy to use API.Reported from https://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/Feature-requests/Thread-Container/2015/6/possible-to-get-information-about-most-freq...
6 months ago in Search & Navigation 1 Planned

Return current QPS to allow me to throttle my traffic to the Find service

As a site ownerI don't want my Find to stop working because we are querying the service too many times a second.If the QPS could be returned in as part of the responses, then customers could use that value in order to implement throttling.The cust...
8 months ago in Search & Navigation 0