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Full Stack Experiment Scheduler

What is the problem you’re trying to solve with this request?Rather than providing a solution, please try to describe the problem in as much detail as possible.Calendar Experiment scheduling - on and offRepeatability Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Custo...
11 days ago in Full Stack 0

Standard Metrics / Metrics Templates

Setting up metrics for each experiment takes up a huge amount of time and is painful for the user.As a customer, I want a key set of metrics automatically added to every test. Additionally, I want to define metrics templates that make it easy to a...
3 months ago in Full Stack 0 Investigating

Please communicate confidence bands on the charts and add a stats reset notification

Whenever a stats reset takes place, it seems like the only way to spot it is a large decline in statistical significance which is not explicit enough and might lead to losing trust in the stats engine.Please add a functionality to communicate both...
about 1 month ago in Full Stack 0

Set Seed of Experiment Allocation

It would be helpful to set the seed of traffic allocation so that you know the same user (same user ID) would be in the same variation on both experiments. Essentially the distribution of V1 vs V2 would be the same numbers (between 0-10000) in bot...
about 1 month ago in Full Stack 0

Filter results by event tags

We often run into this: When evaluating experiments we need to segment users / events that occured under certain conditions. User attributes don't suffice as often the tags we are looking for change during a session. So we would like to be able t...
about 2 months ago in Full Stack 0

Bucketing/Decisioning REST API

There are a growing number of customers that have asked us to "host agent" for them, as they don't want to invest the time to deploy agent themselves as well as maintain it.These customers also usually do not care as much about added latency from ...
6 months ago in Full Stack 0 Investigating

Streaming Datafiles

Offer an option to consume datafiles immediately when updated via websocket or other streaming architecture. This would enable faster updates to flags and bring us into parity with competitors.
4 months ago in Full Stack 0 Investigating

Traffic allocation control by audience in experiments

Customer would like to have the same granular control of traffic allocation by audience that they got with targeted rollouts in experiments. They need to setup duplicative experiments in order to set each audience to a different traffic allocation
2 months ago in Full Stack 0

Manage Collaborators via API

Customers wants to manage collaborators via REST api, so that they can programmatically grant permissions via their existing permissioning tool that they've created. They do this because it's far more convenient for them to manage this in a centra...
5 months ago in Full Stack 0 Investigating

Roku SDK

No description provided
5 months ago in Full Stack 0 Investigating