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Select default sort order for IList properties

When you have a IList property you can sort the list bij clicking on the arrows next to the column names, but in our case we would have the possibility to set the default sort order of the property items.So normally the latest created item will be...
2 days ago in PIM 0

Display Name Available As An Option During Product Export

When exporting products from the PIM, there should be an option to include a Property's Display Name or the Property Name to make it easier to compare with what is being imported.
about 1 month ago in PIM 0

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10 days ago in PIM 0

PIM- Editing Published Products - Keep them sell-able on site

In the current workflow if you make any changes to an item or group of items. The status changes to "Ready for Approval" and removes the item from the web. If a customer was looking to purchase this item and a change was being made this would rem...
6 months ago in PIM 0

Build a way to sort attribute values that work on multipage pages

There is currently no way to sort attribute values once the number of attribute values exceeds 20 values and there are multiple pages of values.I know that you can resort the values within a page through drag and drop, but how do you sort values a...
about 1 month ago in PIM 0

Properties Searchable in PIM = Queryable Yes in Commerce

Currently, to include attribute values in the search, you have to make sure all properties in PIM are Searchable - Yes. Then in Commerce within the Marketing Field Boosting section in admin you have to make all Attributes queryable yes.To reduce ...
4 months ago in PIM 1 Will not implement

PIM - Unassign Categories within the Template

There is a template that you can assign multiple products to categories. But if product was assigned to an incorrect category, there is no way to unassign and reassign within a template, or even to make a correction for multiple products at once....
6 months ago in PIM 0

Identify Product Changes

Identify changes for a product that is resubmitted for approval after it has been initially published. This would allow the approver to be aware of the changes to determine whether they should be published to the live site.
6 months ago in PIM 0

Allow custom properties on Assets

Please add the ability to add custom property mappings on Assets, like we can map fields over to custom property values on product for properties. As originally requested on ticket 662555
28 days ago in PIM 0

Display the "mapped to commerce" field values for system properties

The system properties aren't showing the "mapped to commerce" values -- specifically product number, product title, url segment, deactivate on. It's frustrating not being able to click them or view what it is mapped to. It makes it appear like ...
29 days ago in PIM 0