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Generic Recommendations with 'Do Not Track' enabled

When a customer currently disables cookies or has enabled 'Do Not Track' online the personalization engine does not return any results to the website meaning an empty space is displayed.We would like generic recommendations to be returned to the f...
6 months ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 1

Easier testing of new trigger campaigns with test users

Problem:When testing new trigger campaigns, the weekly and daily limits also apply to my test users and often block my tested triggers. To find out if the trigger was setup correctly and the email was blocked due to limits, a support ticket must b...

Send notification when new user is created

Send notification to administrator or admin group when Guest user creation is used
5 months ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 1

Allow experimentation for email trigger campaigns

As a marketer I want to test different triggers and different prioritization against each other and get reports about scenario A and B.For this I'd like to set up an independet set of triggers (set B) with prioritisations and select a %, a set of ...

As a client I would like to extract raw performance data from my Personalization accounts on a regular basis

Currently there is no solution that allows our customers to download/extract raw personalization performance data on a regular basis from their Personalization accounts. Preferred option would be to grant access to the data via API, to allow custo...
8 months ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 1

Benchmarking Comparison on Performance

Integrate metrics of similarities on a per client basis, so that clients can understand how their implementation compares with similar clients regarding performance, i.e. do clients with similar workload profiles see better or worse performances t...
over 1 year ago in Product Recommendations / Analytics 7

Recommend vouchers with best purchase potential in emails and in shop

As a marketer I often have may different kind of vouchers and marketing campaigns running at any time, eg. 10% off for different brands or categories, 2 for 1 or Free delivery.Targeting my customers based on rules made by me (visitor groups) might...
11 months ago in Product Recommendations / Portal 2

Dynamic campaign criteria

When creating campaigns in product recommendations, it would be great to have dynamic value capabilities. For example, if I have multiple brands on my website and I want the first product being recommended to match the brand of the sku that the us...
6 months ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 1

Allow visitor groups as a campaign criteria

When creating a campaign in product recommendations, it would be incredible if we could also build rules based on visitor groups. For example, show products under $15 to "Sale buyers" visitor group that I have setup in my CMS and I'm using to crea...
6 months ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 1

Reporting API

One customer would like to be able to automatically retrieve data from the backend via an interface.They have asked us to provide them with the necessary API documentation. Currently there is apparently only the manual CSV export (attachment).Howe...
12 months ago in Product Recommendations / Analytics 0