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Created by Guest
Created on Sep 16, 2020

Deep Analytics: group KPIs for transactional mailings based on send date instead of start date

As a Marketer I want to be able to group opens and clicks for transactional mails based on the sending date (in the defined reporting period) instead of the start date so that I get actual rates and unique KPIs by date resulting in a more accurate analysis of the KPIs over time.

Campaign's current solution does only allow to group based on a starting date. For transactional messages this results in two major disadvantages if you want to check the performance over time (by selecting grouping by date):

1) Data of unique opens and unique clicks are higher because they are only unique on the basis of the day. This means that one recipient who opened yesterday and today will result in two unique opens (yet, one unique would be correct).

2) There is no clear connection between mailing and send date. This means that you cannot see if the opens/clicks are made in the transactional mail from yesterday or the one from three months ago.

  • Guest
    Jan 26, 2021

    Any news on this?

  • Guest
    Sep 17, 2020

    An issue that many of my customers are sad about. They are not able to correctly track transactional mail performance over time.

    Not only grouping by date leads to biased data, but also chosing a specific reporting period. Opens that are tracked in one month stem from a mail that was sent the month before. Since the recipient who received the mail last month but opened this month is not listed as recipient in the report especially open and click rates are not reliable at all.

    It therefore would be great to get the option to create reports that show me performance data based on the actual mails that were sent in the selected reporting period only. Thus the reporting period or grouping by data should not limit the performance data to this period, but should limit the performance data to the emails that were sent during this period.

  • Guest
    Sep 16, 2020

    Nice idea.