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Workspace DXP Cloud Services
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 15, 2020

Automatic purging of CloudFlare CDN Cache when content are deleted in Episerver

In Episerver DXP we get a CDN from CloudFlare. Great!

If an editor deletes a media file in edit mode, the file can still be cached for hours in the CDN. This could be bad if the content really NEEDS to be removed right away, and the editor is not aware of the CDN cache.

When Episerver controls the entire platform, it should be possible to use the CloudFlare API to automatically purge the cache for items that are either deleted or updated.
I find it surprising that this is not already in place.

The current workaround is to purge the entire cache from the PaaS portal, or create a support ticket to purge the selected content item. None of these options are optimal.