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Workspace DXP Cloud Services
Categories Telemetry
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 25, 2021

Azure Queue / Service Bus for Message Handling

CDN logs are exposed to us via SAS URI with read Permissions. However if Episerver could consider exposing the Azure Queue / Service Bus that will be a complete solution that helps us consume the logs from Queue., instead of designing a solution from the scratch that handles the de-duplication and error handling.

  • Admin
    Elias Lundmark
    Feb 3, 2021

    Thank you for this feedback! We completely agree that logging overall in DXP can be tedious to work with and is not very developer friendly. Ideally we'd like to consolidate CDN logs, web logs, application logs etc., into something that is more easily consumed and potentially exportable to other systems. We'll share more details around this as we progress.