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Workspace DXP Cloud Services
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 5, 2021

Make it harder to accidentally restart Production

I regularly use PaaS Portal for routine tasks in the Production environment, including DB exports, CDN cache flushes, and application log monitoring.

When I click on the Troubleshoot tab, then the first item that appears is the "Restart Site" section. Because this section looks so similar to the other three sections, and it is right at the top of the list, and I may be in a hurry, sometimes I nearly end up clicking the button to restart Production instead of doing one of the other tasks in Production. This is dangerous because it could cause Production down-time.

To minimise this risk, I'm wondering if you could consider making a few UX tweaks to this section of the PaaS Portal? Some suggestions I have are:
* Move the restart site section to the bottom of the troubleshoot section so users only see it if they're specifically looking for it
* Add some red colouring to the restart site section to make it clear that it is dangerous (since it can cause down-time). Maybe either recolour the whole section red or add a red banner within the section with a warning message stating that it can cause down-time.
* Change the colour of the Restart Web App button to red
* In the confirmation popup that appears after clicking the Restart Web App button, change the text of the "OK" button to "Restart", and change the button colour to red

  • Admin
    John HÃ¥kansson
    Apr 28, 2021

    Thank you Sam, very valid feedback. We'll take this into consideration for the upcoming UX updates. /John