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Workspace DXP Cloud Services
Categories Code deployment
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 10, 2021

Update EpiCloud PowerShell module to support disabling keep-alive

We are attempting to use the EpiCloud PowerShell module to automate deployments of our Optimizely solution into the Optimizely DXP.

Unfortunately, when we run the command to initiate the deployment, then it fails because HTTP keep-alive failed. The reason for this is our corporate proxy doesn't allow HTTP keep-alive.

Can you update the PowerShell module to include options to disable keep-alive for corporate situations like this?

The command we are running is:

Start-EpiDeployment -DeploymentPackage our.cms.app.1.2110.997.1506.nupkg -TargetEnvironment Integration -DirectDeploy

The error we are getting is:

API call failed! The error was: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.

It would be similarly helpful to expose other network-related options to help with locked-down network environments, such as disabling TLS validation, bypassing the proxy, or using an alternative proxy.