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webhook for spam-complaint events

Why are spam-complaints such an impactful recipient interaction?building and maintaining a strong sender reputation requires close monitoring and analysis of spam complaintscampaign performance reporting needs to take every single spam-complaint i...
9 months ago in Campaign 1 Planned

Upload personalized attachments with sendtransactionmail endpoint

As a developer I want to trigger transactional emails with personalized attachments using a single REST API call.Right now personalized attachments can only be uploaded via HTTP API in a seperate call. It's inconvenient to implement 2 APIs and als...
8 months ago in Campaign 0 Planned

Deep Analytics: group KPIs for transactional mailings based on send date instead of start date

As a Marketer I want to be able to group opens and clicks for transactional mails based on the sending date (in the defined reporting period) instead of the start date so that I get actual rates and unique KPIs by date resulting in a more accurate...
about 1 year ago in Campaign 3

webhooks for suppression events (unsubscribe / bounce)

Goalswe receive response- & interaction-data within secondswe process suppression events (unsubscribe, spam-complaint, bounces) close to real-timewe replace existing response export-jobsas currently used for closed loop interface (kms)as used ...
9 months ago in Campaign 2 Planned

webhook for "message received" event

Why do we need to receive a webhook once a message is "received"?With a "received" webhook we would be notified as soon as a message was accepted by the receiving mail server. Our business processes are mainly interested if a message could be deli...
9 months ago in Campaign 1

Implementing a Spanish version of Episerver Campaign

Hi all,during one of my recent Quarterly Business Reviews I was asked if it would be possible to introduce a Spanish version of Episerver Campaign (just like we have English or Dutch version).The argument raised by the Customer was that some of hi...
7 months ago in Campaign 0

Support personalized date and time for animated Countdown Timer

It would be great when we could use the animated Countdown Timer gifs in emails with a personalized date and time for each individual recipient. By that it would be possible for example to inform the end user when his personal coupon will end or w...
6 months ago in Campaign 0

See when someone unsubscribed in recipient history

As an email marketer, I want to be able to see when someone unsubscribed in the recipient history log and which email it was. Bonus points if we can resubscribe them in recipient history. We have B2B clients accidentally unsub and the process to r...
18 days ago in Campaign 0

Drag and Drop Content blocks

As an email marketer, I want to be able to drag and drop content blocks without having to click into each section.
18 days ago in Campaign 0

Promotion usage report

At the moment there is no way to get a list of orders that used a promotion. It would be very helpful to get a report that showed what was ordered and how much was spent to analyse the effectiveness of a promotion code.
19 days ago in Campaign 0