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Easier testing of new trigger campaigns with test users

Problem:When testing new trigger campaigns, the weekly and daily limits also apply to my test users and often block my tested triggers. To find out if the trigger was setup correctly and the email was blocked due to limits, a support ticket must b...
about 1 month ago in Product Recommendations / Email Personalization 0

Introduce strategies suitable for UWG7 campaigns (DACH)

In Germany (as well as AT) there's a law that allows email marketing to recent customers, but only with very strictly defined restrictions (UWG ยง7 Abs. 3).For a lot of email marketeers these customers make up the biggest part of their audience and...

Allow experimentation for email trigger campaigns

As a marketer I want to test different triggers and different prioritization against each other and get reports about scenario A and B.For this I'd like to set up an independet set of triggers (set B) with prioritisations and select a %, a set of ...

Integrate a "select/de-select all" option in the campaign picker in Email and Trigger Reports

As a Marketer I want to quickly perform my reports for different campaigns and subgroups of campaigns.Currently I have to manually select and de-select every single one every time I change the selection, which is quite time consuming.
4 months ago in Product Recommendations / Portal 0

Recommend vouchers with best purchase potential in emails and in shop

As a marketer I often have may different kind of vouchers and marketing campaigns running at any time, eg. 10% off for different brands or categories, 2 for 1 or Free delivery.Targeting my customers based on rules made by me (visitor groups) might...
3 months ago in Product Recommendations / Portal 2

Replacements & Autocomplete Enhancement Request

We thought there was a glitch with autocomplete and replacement items. If you search quickly for an original item, it brings up the replacement fine. But if you let the Auto-complete fill in before hitting ENTER, AND there is only one item found i...
22 days ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 0

Reporting API

One customer would like to be able to automatically retrieve data from the backend via an interface.They have asked us to provide them with the necessary API documentation. Currently there is apparently only the manual CSV export (attachment).Howe...
4 months ago in Product Recommendations / Analytics 0