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Missing relationship between CMS Blocks and Commerce

As per the issue described in this post https://world.episerver.com/forum/developer-forum/Episerver-Commerce/Thread-Container/2019/5/block-to-commerce-catalog-or-product-relationship-defect/ there's no way to know if a block is used on a Commerce ...
23 days ago in CMS / Editing 0

Setting content expiration date is hard to find and use

You can easily set the scheduled start of a content being published. But often, there is a need to set the content expiration date at the same time. However, the expiration option is hard to find and unintuitive. It really should appear in the Sch...
11 months ago in CMS / Editing 0

TinyMCE v5

Would be helpful to be on tinyMCE v5. There are a number of new features, including table builder that our users would heavily use
30 days ago in CMS / Editing 0

Improve possibilities to group larger quantities of items under the same node without affecting the URL segment

I want to be able to group content in "buckets" without affecting the URL. Container pages have been used, but this is not ideal since they add a URL segment and we want to try and avoid to remove this by tweaking into some central parts of routin...
5 months ago in CMS / Editing 0

Title missing on images in the Text editing fields

The mouse-over titles are missing in images added in the Text editing fields. This is a normal feature on all CMS:s so it's strange that I can't see it. This would help me make more accessible web content.
about 1 year ago in CMS / Editing 1

Loading Indicator for Page Transitions

When the switching pages in the CMS it would be good to have a 'loading' indicator as a confirmation that I've clicked and the system is performing the action.
2 months ago in CMS / Editing 0

Copy link text button in link dialogue

I often link to other articles by writing the link text, selecting the text, copying the URL I want to link to, and then pasting the URL into the link dialogue. At this point, I have to add the link title, and most of the time I want to use part o...
3 months ago in CMS / Editing 0

Blocks in context of pages

I want blocks to behave as if they were part of the page, rather than separate entities. Primarily on the approval step.
about 2 years ago in CMS / Editing 0 Planned

Side panel improvements

One side panel collapses, one is still open. I want to be able to show sites in browsers on different screens. Active panel opens all sceen, others collapses and move to top.
over 1 year ago in CMS / Editing 0