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MailChimp Integration

With MailChimp being one of the most popular email/marketing automation platforms, we would like an integration built. Currently, the only way to integrate our site with our MailChimp lists is to do custom API connections. However, we would like a...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Integration 0

Integrate a "select/de-select all" option in the campaign picker in Email and Trigger Reports

As a Marketer I want to quickly perform my reports for different campaigns and subgroups of campaigns.Currently I have to manually select and de-select every single one every time I change the selection, which is quite time consuming.
4 months ago in Product Recommendations / Portal 0

Search should be adjusted based on users history

Search results should take into account user specific information like Has this user ever purchased this item before Did the user recently look at this item online Is this item on a list the user has access to Has anyone else at the same company ...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Marketing & Promotions 0 Planned

Reject an Order

If a Buyer1 places an order, it kicks off to the Approver to approve the order. What if the Approver wants to reject the order for some reason? There needs to be a way to reject and add comments.
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Order Management 0

Read Only Database Access for Customers / Implementation Partners

I think it would be incredibly useful if we had read only access to the Insite/Epi tables that make up the data layer of our site - for reporting / information gathering as well as development.
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Technical 0

Editing & Creating Website User Roles

Currently we can create and edit Console User Roles and Permissions, however, in order to create or edit Website User Roles, we have to go through our partner. It would be a huge benefit for us to be able to create and edit Website User Roles our...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Self-Service 0

Customer part number edit

Customers should be able to edit or add their part numbers. So the "My Part #" display should be a link where the user can enter their part number. If they don't have one yet, still display the field but the value would be "Add Part #". Our compet...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Catalog 0


Right now we can only filter on one attribute value per attribute type, this really isn't all that useful. Most e-commerce sites allow users to filter by multiple values in a single type. This is an update many of our customers are asking for.
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Catalog 0

Add Additional Fields/Widgets for News Items

As a marketer for our website, the CMS news function is fairly standard and limited. I can't do an excerpt, I can't add related product items or even select other related articles, and I can't categorize my news. The news list view will just pull...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / B2B Commerce CMS 0

Ability to know if emails are really delivered to customers

The current ability to check admin console - Marketing - Email logs only show emails that are not SENT OUT. However, if an email is not correct, it still shows sent out, but not actually DELIVERED. We should have the visibility to see which email...
about 1 month ago in B2B Commerce / Marketing & Promotions 0