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Allow DirectDeploy for preproduction and production

Please enable the DirectDeploy option for preproduction and production environments. Currently it is only available for integration. I understand that the goal is for preproduction to mirror production as closely as possible and for both environme...
2 days ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 0

Expand limit of product count returned beyond 1024

We have a feature on our site where we let customers download the product listing based on their filters. We've run into a limitation that cuts off the products returned to 1024 even if more products are available with the given filters. It looks ...
4 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Technical 0

Add Support for Moneris Stored Payment Profiles

Moneris supports storing credit cards in a vault-like manner, similar to CenPOS. The B2B integration connector for Moneris doesn't include this behavior. Could we add that support to the Moneris B2B integration?
4 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Improve formatting on Results page

Column titles on Results page are cut off, regardless of window size. Customer has requested that these column titles be formatted in a way that displays entire titles (i.e. on two lines rather than one).

Url segment of a child product(variant) should be accessible

Its more seo friendly to access the child of a product via the url segment instead of using option parameter.Please see screen cast attached of a test done on https://absolunet.commerce.insitesandbox.com/Product/fr2-variant-2-AAA-20V-10A
5 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / B2B Commerce CMS 0

On CMS login page the password type input with auto-complete is enabled

On CMS login page the password type input with auto-complete is enabled causing the penetration test of the CMS to fail for some of our clients. See below from the report"When a new username and password is entered and submitted in a form, the bro...
6 days ago in Content Cloud / Roles and Security 0

Enable setting SubscriptionName in EPiServer.Azure.Events.Internal.DefaultServiceBusEventProvider

Azure Servicebus has a rule that SubscriptionNames cannot be longer than 50 characters. Currently, SubscriptionName is set by the private field _uniqueName in DefaultServiceBusEventProvider.ctor() and there is no way to override it.The field is se...
6 days ago in Content Cloud / APIs 0

Enable Brotli compression in Cloudflare

Brotli is a state of the art lossless compression format, supported by all major browsers. It is capable of achieving considerably better compression ratios than the ubiquitous gzip, and is rapidly gaining in popularity.It is supported out of the ...

Text area max lenght

Textarea element should have support for optional max length value. This would be helpful in preventing ddos attacks but also helpful in general.
9 days ago in Content Cloud / Forms 0


There should be a honeypot field to prevent spam submissions without captcha.
9 days ago in Content Cloud / Forms 0