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change http to https redirects from 302 to 301

RequestThe default behavior for HAProxy is to create a 302 redirect when going from http to https. Please change the load balancer so that it creates a 301 redirect.Use CaseThe source (old) URL is unsecure and you add a destination (new) URL that ...
about 20 hours ago in B2B Commerce / Technical 0

Checkout shipping one time shipping address form more customizable

Hi, We noticed that the one time shipping form in the checkout shipping page for Spire is not very flexible. We had 2 clients with special requirements for this form, and we were unable to add fields.Client A: Wanted a new field for his custom tax...
1 day ago in B2B Commerce / B2B Commerce CMS 0

Episerver Connect for HubSpot support hubspot GDPR feature in Episerver Forms

There is Episerver connect for HubSpot. but there is no feature to support hubspot gdpr feature.Right now we can map contact properties to episerver form input, but we can't map gdpr inputs. Also we can create consent fields in episerver forms tha...
2 days ago in CMS / Forms 0

Paas Portal Microsoft Teams Deployments Cards

EPI Team,We would like to receive Microsoft Teams deployments cards from the Paas Portal. This is a valuable information for the teams in the field during a release cycle. At date only the person who trigger the deployment receive an email.1 - Exp...
7 days ago in DXP Cloud Services / Code deployment 1 Investigating

Optionally skip specific days of week in automations

When configuring the wait node in Marketing Automations, I want to be able to specify which days I want to skip sending messages.Example:After selecting Saturday and Sunday, the wait node will not trigger messages to be sent on weekends and will i...
8 days ago in Campaign 0

Searching for specific attributes when attaching to a product manually is extremely difficult due to inaccurate search

Just copying my support ticket text so very informal below:In the admin console when you manually attach an attribute:Example: (searching for a value of "8" under Attribute Type "Length" click assign attribute values A window appears that has Attr...
8 days ago in B2B Commerce / Misc. 0

Sticky buttons and labels

The client I work with would like to have the 'add-to-cart' button always visible for their customers.Other buttons might also have use of this, but the add-to-cart is currently the main one.Also, labels that could remain on the screen showing the...
9 days ago in B2B Commerce 0

Configuring products for upsel

Main idea is in the checkout, but in the PDP would also be nice.The product linking does not permit this but it would certainly help with promoting.
9 days ago in B2B Commerce / Marketing & Promotions 0

Custom labels for products

The need is to add various labels to products that can further help the search, promotions (like 'bestseller'), and add other quick information about the products qualities (ex. 'recyclable'). This should also include an option to add icons to vis...
9 days ago in B2B Commerce / Catalog 0

Quick view for products on the PLP

The client I am working with would like quick way for their customers to access product information from the product listing page. This would allow for faster review and adding to cart of products, enhancing the final customer experience and savin...
9 days ago in B2B Commerce / Catalog 0