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Change Currency and Language to be session based

Currently the currency and language are stored in cookies and don't expire for 30 days. This causes problems for sites that default to the US/USD but allow users to login and require the currency/language to automatically switch. We are able ...
about 8 hours ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Editing Cloudflare's custom error pages in DXP PaaS portal

In case of issues it's not looking good that the signature of error and challenge pages is Cloudflare. Customers want to control all content that could be served to their visitors.It would be very useful if an DXP administrator could upload or edi...
about 14 hours ago in DXP Cloud Services / Infrastructure mgmt. 0

Tax Certificate Form Self-Service

A large percentage of our customers are businesses, even customers coming for a one-time/first-time buy (B2C) with no personal interaction. Allow these customers making their first purchase through our website to self-service their tax status. The...
6 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Self-Service 0

Use localized catalog UI in the Select Content-dialogen

As an editor I would like to see localized names in the Catalog UI when creating links to catalog content to be sure that I create links to the correct content.The Catalog UI shows name, which is not localized so can be a problem for editors who d...
6 days ago in Content Cloud / Multi-language 0

To integrate address validations using AVS in case of the Credit Card payment method

There should be a AVS call to verify users address at the time of the credit card verification. This will verify that things like the billing zip code and address are correct. This method offers a higher level of security.
8 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Integration 0

Improve Speed Performance for Large Carts (100+ line items)

Our customers shop from a large product assortment to keep their shelves stocked, in which it is a common use case for carts to contain 100+ individual SKUs. Naturally, users who create extremely large carts are our most valuabel customers who we ...
12 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Order Management 0

Allow for more than one sales rep assigned to a customer

In our business, we may have more than one sales rep call on some customers for various reasons. We would like to request the ability for a customer to have more than one sales rep assigned so that either would have access to the customer when lo...
12 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Misc. 0

Generic Recommendations with 'Do Not Track' enabled

When a customer currently disables cookies or has enabled 'Do Not Track' online the personalization engine does not return any results to the website meaning an empty space is displayed.We would like generic recommendations to be returned to the f...
14 days ago in Product Recommendations / Technical 1

I'd like the ability to customize and export reports

We'd really like better reporting capabilities in the CMS tool. We'd also like the ability to export reports.
17 days ago in B2B Commerce Cloud / Technical 0

Add built in support for timezone agnostic DateTime

Episervers standard behaviour is to convert DateTime between database, application and editors depending on what time zone the application and editors are in. If would be nice if there would be built in properties (or editor hints) to enable timez...
17 days ago in Content Cloud / Editing 1